MPAACT consistently produces a season of outstanding world premiere productions. Through these productions, it exposes audiences to stories seldom told on America's stages. From the story of three immigrant sisters from Ethiopia, to a fifty-somethings musings on life, to the portrait of a young African American man on his first trip to Africa, MPAACT strives to be a company where artists can express and audiences can experience a myriad of realities of Black life.


The Reader 10/24/13

Warm on the Coolin Board
"The city don't want us here," observes Brian, echoing what's perhaps a common sentiment in Roseland, the neighborhood where Shepsu Aakhu's new play is partly set. A parallel story set in the after life suffers from fuzzy plotting, but ultimately offers a powerful articulation of Aakhu's key questions.

- Keith Griffith


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The BlaQ Market: Essays and Plays from African Centered Theater

MPAACT - a Chicago-based multi-disciplinary theater arts organization specializing in African-centered theater - celebrates its new anthology, The BlaQ Market: Essays and Plays from African Centered Theater. Explore the aesthetics of African Centered theater in a host of critical and insightful essays by this groundbreaking Chicago collective. Also featured are 4 acclaimed plays by 4 of the most vibrant young African American playwrights. MiLK by Nambi E. Kelley, Fascia by Shepsu Aakhu, She Calls up the Sun by Addae Moon, and The Divine order of Becoming by Carla Stillwell.

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BlaQ Market Monologues and Scenes: Selections from African Centered Theater

MPAACT - celebrates the diversity of the “Black Experience” with monologues and scenes from 14 playwrights culling selections from 42 world Premiere Productions. Critically acclaimed writers such as Lydia Diamond, Nambi E. Kelley, Shepsu Aakhu, Aaron Carter, Carla Stillwell, Addae Moon, and others have contributed to a work which encapsulates the diverse perspectives, styles, and values which make Chicago’s African-American theatre community so vibrant. This publication offers a unique glimpse into the complex dynamics inherent in the “Black Experience”- whether it takes place in America, continental Africa, or it’s diaspora. It serves as a concrete place where artists of color can select intensely relevant monologues or scenes from contemporary plays. This is not a collection of excerpts from vintage black classics, this is a collection of works chronicling the times in which we live from the perspective of characters and situations as diverse as the “Black Experience.”

This collection is perfect for actors looking for fresh, vibrant, and unique monologues, students interested in pieces that communicate contemporary African-American issues, and anyone who enjoys African-American writers.

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