MPAACT consistently produces a season of outstanding world premiere productions. Through these productions, it exposes audiences to stories seldom told on America's stages. From the story of three immigrant sisters from Ethiopia, to a fifty-somethings musings on life, to the portrait of a young African American man on his first trip to Africa, MPAACT strives to be a company where artists can express and audiences can experience a myriad of realities of Black life.


The Reader 10/24/13

Warm on the Coolin Board
"The city don't want us here," observes Brian, echoing what's perhaps a common sentiment in Roseland, the neighborhood where Shepsu Aakhu's new play is partly set. A parallel story set in the after life suffers from fuzzy plotting, but ultimately offers a powerful articulation of Aakhu's key questions.

- Keith Griffith

MPAACT's 2017-2018 SEASON


BURF of a Nation
by Carla Stillwell © Leonard House
Directed by Carla Stillwell
at The Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
October 6 - November 19 2017

Covfefe Lamont Jenkins, a southern farmer is enraged by the current political climate and has repeatedly made his opinions known via an on-going Twitter beef with the POTUS. However one day Covfefe is tagged in a tweet that pushes him to take an action so extreme that it sends the entire nation into a tailspin.


A Primetime Showcase
Wednesdays May 3 - May 24, 2017
at the Greenhouse Theater Center

At the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Wednesday May 3 - $16, 7:30 pm

Signature Showcase: I AM A ZEBRA: A Curiously Entertaining Story - Join Ingrid on a journey of trials met with humor, pain muted by joy, and the absurd kind of amusement that only the world of medicine could provide. Have fun with her, as she tries to discover how she’ll next use her peculiar identity to do the reinvention that illness demands.

Javon J. Smith – Dear Mama
At the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Wednesday May 10 - $16, 7:30 pm

SignatureShowcase: Javon J. Smith – Dear Mama - May 10, 2017 marks 15 years since the world lost my mother, Julia Lee Smith, so let us laugh, cry, and claim joy as we relive the experience of a lifetime. This is a celebration of the life, legacy, and household of a mother who was a powerhouse full of strength, motivation, and sweetness.

Chris Churchill – Tell Me About My Mother
At the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Wednesday May 17 - $16, 7:30 pm

MPAACT Signature: Chris Churchill – Tell Me About My Mother - In his documentary, "Tell Me About My Mother" Chris Churchill endeavors to more deeply understand his mother's struggles with extreme mental illness and, in so doing, come to better understand his own. With the help of home movie footage, photos and family interviews, Churchill reveals the strange and startling stories that affected his family and his upbringing. Churchill takes you behind the struggles of his parents, his siblings and himself to find normalcy in a life inextricably linked to mental illness.

Rashida Phillips – Reflections / Projections
At the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Wednesday May 24 -$16, 7:30 pm

MPAACT Signature Showcase: Rashida Phillips – Reflections / Projections - Intrigued by the magic and mystery of music, songstress Rashida Phillips explores ways in which sound and lyric invoke mood, feeling, and the range of human emotion over time. Rooted in jazz, she believes in carrying forward stories of tradition but also experimenting with the verse and flow of now with a look towards the future. Beyond category. Performing both nationally and locally, she originally hails from St. Louis, Missouri but Chicago has become her anchor, a place to build community, raise a family, and further open a gateway out to the rest of the world.


A late-nite foray into the world of one person performance.
Monday - Sunday at 6:30 & 9:00*pm
Apr 28 - May 20, 2017
at the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Friday April 28, 2017 @ 11PM
Character Assassination - Killer Sketch Comedy

Character Assassination was originally created under the guise "Sketchy as F" for the MPAACT Solo Jams and is proud to come back home! Character Assassination is firmly against having a theme, hook, or niche. We barely believe in cohesive sentences despite how deliciously well-written their blurb is. We’re an indie team of upcoming Writers/Actors who love damn solid comedy. Like us on Facebook and also real life.

Saturday April 29, 2017 @ 11PM
Kuumba Linx– Fillinz Featuring Darius Parker

Kuumba Linx– Fillinz Featuring Darius Parker - what happens when fake people keep bringing fake love to ya? Like, straight up to your face? when the people places and things we most depend on abandon, misuse and abuse, we gotta fight back! FILLINZ is about Getting ya name up. It is unapologetically emotional. It is straightforward, and boldly liberating. It is radical love through creative collaboration. It is about the work that takes place between what is now and what we reimagine our world to be.
This show will feature readings and live colouring book fun with KL Co-Founders J Villegas & J Bullie with special performances by the Kuumba Lynx Performance Ensemble and KL Alum Darius Parker.

Friday May 5, 2017 @ 11PM
Marcus Wages- Dooblavey Presents: A Slight Collection

Marcus Wages- Dooblavey Presents: A Slight Collection - A Slight Collection is a small showcase of Native artists on a quest for higher thought and the promotion of good vibrations and peace. Along with Dooblavey, DJ Bags will perform a dj mix set to introduce the Slight collective. There is a renaissance of music happening in Chicago. Witness the progression of hip-hop and the lyricist in the Midwest.  

Saturday May 6, 2017 @ 11PM
Sierra Buffum – Harlequin Girls

Sierra Buffum – Harlequin Girls Presents.... - A dazzling burlesque show featuring all types of performers, from the classic striptease to brawling babes.  

Friday May 12, 2017 @ 11PM
amie Black – It's My Penis and I'll Cry If I want to

Jamie Black – It's My Penis and I'll Cry If I want to - The roles of men and women have been increasingly blurred with men being stay at home dads and women being the bread winners. But do these changes mean the end of masculinity and femininity? According to society it might. “It's My Penis and I'll Cry if I Want to” explores and challenges everything you may know about gender and gender roles and how you think you should be in this world.

Saturday MAy 13, 2017 @ 11PM
Ralph LaGuerre – Ralph’s Recordings

Ralph LaGuerre – Ralph’s Recordings - Comedian Ralph LaGuerre talks about growing up Haitian, energy and his most intense acid trip …all while maintaining the freshness that has made him a Chicago stand-up stand -out. Be ready to vibe.

Friday May 19, 2017 @ 11PM
N. Davina Stewart – Exodus 2019

N. Davina Stewart – Exodus 2019 - This is a performance art piece where I use common objects in abstract ways to tell a concrete story: In the summer of 1619, a Dutch ship stole the cargo of a Spanish ship and landed in Virginia. That cargo of 20 Africans was traded for food creating another chapter in the New World nightmare. In Exodus 2019, I construct a “ship” and track the perilous African American journey from insurrections to prison pipelines. Come along for the ride through the treacherous waters of the current state of affairs to ponder what the next 400 years hold- shipwreck or safe harbor?

Saturday May 20, 2017 @ 11PM
Tyla Abercrumbie – Asylum

Tyla Abercrumbie – Asylum (aka as life) - Featuring Candice Jeanine. The Life and times of an ‘extreme Mother, Sistah, Daughter, Boss and Wife. She’s the new superwoman – SUPERHERO. You name it and she can do it, has done it, will do it again and might just be doing it all at the same time, in heels and spanks and with a smile. She’s the new Knee-grow, Negroid, Automahumatron…she’s everything and anything… But at least she ain’t crazy!

Friday May 26, 2017 @ 11PM
When Life’s Door Opens

Nicole Mitchell – When Life’s Door Opens - When Life’s Door Opens illuminates the labyrinth for those at the “crossroads” of choosing a life-path based on their passion — a path that may not be popular, easily supported, or clearly promising of reward. Music, text and video art by Nicole Mitchell.  

Saturday May 27, 2017 @ 11PM
The Red Line

The Red Line - 75 minutes of music from two new up and coming bands. Headlining is the alternative band The Red Line who are working on their first studio release. They are looking forward to returning to MPAACT’s intimate theatre setting.


Extended Jams

Sundays  Apr 30 - May 14, 2017
at the Greenhouse Theater Center


Apr 30 and May 7 - $8 admission

Curtain - 6:00pm

Extended Jams: UNCENSORED STAND-UP & Open Mic - We need to laugh now more than ever... come join us for an evening of cutting edge Chicago stand-up and an open mic. Hosted by MPAACT's own Terry François and drawing talent from a wide cross section of the Chicago community, Uncensored Stand up ... is a great way to get your laugh on. Sign up begins at 5:30pm on show days.

Jerico Bleu – Biscuits & Bullshit

May 14 and 21 - $16 admission

Curtain - 6:00pm

MPAACT Extended Jams: Jerico Bleu – Biscuits & Bullshit - Biscuits and Bullshit explores the hilarious joys and dysfunctions of a backwoods Tennessee family. Through a mix of standup- and documentary style theatre Jerico introduces us to the Parks family's quirks, qualms, confusions, and quires, with stories from their highly entertaining lives.



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